Warm Winter Rain Hats

Warm Winter Rain Hats


Now that the nights are drawing in, the weather is getting colder and the word "Hygge" is being banded around again, you know that winter is here!

At the Rain Hat Collection we have a selection of rain hats that are not only waterproof and stylish but also have a gorgeous soft fleece lining, keeping you warm as well as dry. It's a perfect choice of hat for a winters walk or nipping down to the shops. As is well known keeping your head, feet and hands warm really does help maintain your optimum body temperature. 

It is important this winter no matter what the weather to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy your surroundings. It helps physically as well as mentally. Each day I go for a walk, sometimes not really wanting to but my Golden Retriever won't allow that!  And on those more reluctant days I am always so grateful that this golden fluff ball of a dog encouraged me to go out as it always helps to lift my spirits and helps me resolve any queries I may have - (usually I.T issues that I know my 18 year old would solve in 2 minutes but I stubbornly want to sort out myself and learn!)

So dress for the weather and treat yourself or someone you love to a gorgeous fleece lined rain hat


Ava Rain Hat - Waterproof Bucket Hat! Excuse the pun!



Lynda Rain Hat


Going back to the word Hygge I highly recommend a book called 'Hygge - The Danish Art of Happiness by Marie Tourell Soderberg.'

Marie says that the word Hygge originates from the proto-language Old Norse and it means:

thinking and feeling satisfied and is related to finding shelter, rest and safety, and regaining energy and courage

Something I hope we will all be doing this winter in these strange times we are living in. 





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