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woman's tweed waterproof hat


Waterproof Hats

Rain Hat Collection - Keep Dry & Look Stylish

Black waxed ladies hat with purple trim and flower to one side of hat

Waterproof Hats For Women

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Olney Headwear waxed green wide brim hat with brown band round crown of hat

Waterproof Hats For Men

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Featured Collections

olney headwear ladies black waxed hat with red under brim and decorative buttons to side of hat

Warm Winter Rain Hats

Now that its getting colder dress for the weather in a fleece lined waterproof hat. Whatever the weather, these hats will ensure you are kept dry, warm and looking stylish

Feather Hat Pins

Add a creative finishing touch to your hat by choosing from a collection of striking feather hat pins to decorate your hat. All lovingly handmade in rural Devon 

proppa toppa waterproof navy blue and cream hat with bow to one side

Rain Hats with Adjustable Sizing

The great thing about hats with adjustable sizing is that you can fit the hat to the size of your head by pulling on an inner elastic - genius idea by our milliners

Made in Great Britain

We have chosen the most talented & creative milliners making the best rain hats, right here in the UK. We love that we can and you can support British craftsmanship.  Click here to meet our milliners and be inspired

Thank you to all our lovely customers

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all you lovely customers who have bought from us during this COVID period. Your support means a lot to us and the milliners that we represent. We love that we are supporting and promoting British craftsmanship - milliners who have huge talent and creativity making hats that are a joy to wear.

We are delighted to announce that we will be introducing some new milliners making hats in the UK - of course all waterproof and super stylish. We are always on the quest of finding chic British made rain hats, so let us know if you are or know of any fabulous milliners. 

We hope that 2021 is a better one for everyone. At least 2020 has taught us to appreciate the important things in life - health, family, friends and the world around us when we pause to notice our surroundings. 

So thank you again. Being a family business, unlike large corporations we always do a little 'jig' when we make a sale!

Best wishes

Katrine x