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Women's Baker Boy Cap

Katrine Orr

Posted on September 21 2020

Women's Baker Boy Cap


Now that we are moving into the winter period I am delighted that the baker boy cap is this winters fashion accessory, you only need to look at glossy fashion magazines and see that they are everywhere. However, the baker boy cap is not a new fashion fad, it is a classic and has been around for a very long time.

Where did the baker boy cap come from?

The baker boy cap (also referred to as newsboy, poor boy, or fisherman hat) originated in the era of Queen Elizabeth I, when the monarch sought to boost the wool industry by imposing a three farthing fine if the working classes failed to wear a woollen hat on Sundays and high holidays.

Ever since then, the baker boy cap became the headgear of choice for men toiling in the mines, mills, and quarries of the industrial age. Associated with the working classes, there were two main versions – the standard one-piece model, or the eight-sided cap with the cloth-clad button in the middle, which became known as the baker boy caps. Moving on from woollen baker boy caps, they are now made from all sorts of materials from leather to linen and have become very much a part of women's fashion.


What to look for in a baker boy cap?

Synonymous with our name, the Rain Hat Collection, we have sourced the best baker boy caps that are waterproof and stylish. One is called Grace and is made of soft waterproof velour and has a cotton lining, perfect to wear year round. The other is called Maggie and is made of waterproof waxed cotton and has a fleece lining so is great for those colder days.  Both styles of caps are made in the UK and show British craftsmanship at its best. Quality, style and practicality all rolled into one fabulous cap.


 Maggie baker boy cap


How to wear a baker boy cap

Baker boy caps can be worn with almost anything, dress it up or dress it down. The best thing is to keep it simple and stylish (KISS !) Its a classic cap with a modern vibe. By wearing a solid colour baker boy cap it can change your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. A black baker boy cap goes perfectly with jeans and a jacket. Or choose a brighter colour and tone it in with your outfit, like our paralympic athlete Anne Wafula Strike has done with her wine coloured baker boy cap, Grace.




 Anne Wafula Strike wearing Grace in wine red


Shop now and see the multitude of beautiful colours these baker boy caps, Grace come in. We almost have every colour under the rainbow !


How to style your hair wearing a baker boy cap?


How to look after your baker boy cap

Its a doddle looking after your baker boy cap. Its easy to pack away in a bag when not required. And to keep it pristine you can wipe it with a clean wet cloth. A tip we like to give is to try and avoid touching the peak of the cap to reduce ware of the hat.


Why is a baker boy cap so fabulous?

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