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Why Am I Selling Rain Hats?

Having lived in sunny Greece for a few years, I returned to Britain, in beautiful rural Hampshire and soon realised that it's always best to be prepared for rain!

Having been in the rainwear business for a number of years in the UK, I worked with a few British milliners who made exquisite waterproof rain hats. The light bulb moment occurred when I thought how great it would be to gather all the best British ladies and men's rain hats under one umbrella ! And so begun the Rain Hat Collection in 2017.

The Rain Hat Collection is a family run business and we pride ourselves on handpicking stylish rain hats made by British milliners. We represent a talented and creative select number of milliners who make rain hats of the highest quality. They are beautifully made, super chic, lightweight, packable for convenience and waterproof.

A rain hat is so much more stylish and practical to wear than using a hood which blocks out all peripheral vision. A hat also allows you to be hands free rather than carrying a cumbersome umbrella.

In our collection, you will find classic and elegant hats.  We will also strive to feature cutting edge designs from up and coming milliners.  So whether you would like to look stylish on a dog walk or to look gorgeous for a glamorous occasion, we can find something special for you. We are continuing to expand and are always looking for up and coming British milliners making unique and elegant waterproof ladies and men's rain hats. 

We are on the quest to prove that rain hats can be stylish and don't have to be cheap plastic rain hats that you buy on the spur of the moment, as the heavens open!

For inspiration please take a moment to look at our hats.  

Katrine Orr