Meet Our Milliners

Milliners are creative, inspirational people who have an eye for detail. As one of our milliners put it, "it's a blend between being a sculptor and a seamstress."

At the Rain Hat Collection we are proud and privileged to sell the finest rain hats and sun hat from the best of British milliners. In a world that is changing dramatically with British craftsmanship dying out, we are delighted to be able to play a small part in promoting British millinery.

Here is just a brief synopsis on each of our milliners. You can read more in depth interviews with our milliners on our blog page 


JoJo Hats 


Jacqui & John Osborne aka JoJo Hats are the formidable couple creating beautiful hats. Handmade in Devon their rain hats have such amazing variations in designs and textiles. Their guiding philosophy is to make hats which their owners love to wear, whether at a special occasion or trampling over the moors with their dogs. Ultimately they want to make their hat wearer smile.

We love JoJo Hats and they definitely put a smile on our customers' faces.

Click here to see  JoJo Hats rain hats or here for JoJo Hats sun hats

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Mijori Creative




Michelle is a truly gifted milliner based in Birmingham. Working on a sewing machine came naturally to her and must have been in her blood, as her mother and grandmother were both talented seamstresses.

As Michele says  “I’m in love with fashion, design and how it makes a person feel. Putting on quality accessories can lift one’s spirits” We whole heartedly agree with this and can see that Michelle’s baker boy caps will certainly do just that.

Click here to see Mijori Creative rain hats 


Peak & Brim Designer Hats

Sophia Kathanlina is a fine arts & fashion textile graduate who has worked under several fashions houses in Birmingham & Leicester before setting up her own label Peak & Brim Designer Hats in 1990.  She has a flair for originality & an eye for the classic.

This company continually strives to design & create unique handmade hats which have a feel of uncompromising comfort mixed with the "wow" factor.

We love Peak & Brim rain hats & their quirky sense of style.

Click here to see Peak & Brim rain hats or here for Peak & Brim sun hats

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 Proppa Toppa

Clare Butterton is a graduate in Fashion Design & Millinery and has worked under famous London fashion houses.  She takes inspiration from her surroundings in rural Shropshire & all her designs are uncompromising in quality.

The team are continuously busy sewing & decorating away.  She describes themselves as a modern day "House of Elliot"!

We love Proppa Toppa's rain hats, especially their "hats in a bag"

Click here to see Proppa Toppa womens rain hats  or here for Proppa Toppa sun hats

Please read our blog: Meet Proppa Toppa - life as a milliner 


Bradleys Tannery


Bradleys Tannery began by manufacturing leather gloves and aprons for heavy industries.  As the economy changed in Britain and manufacturing declined the company adapted and now make stunning hats amongst other lifestyle accessories.  They describe themselves as "quintessentially British, quality at our hearts with a little sprinkle of fun and eccentricity"  

Click here to see Bradleys Tannery Womens Rain Hats or here for  Bradleys Tannery Sun Hats



Olney Headewear


Sadly Olney Headwear have now closed. Established in 1914, this well loved family-owned and run business, made many of our stylish rain hats and more recently our sun hats.

We do still have some Olney hats but unfortunately we will not be able to get anymore. It has been a pleasure working with Olney Headwear and their style and talent will be missed.  

Click here to see Olney Headwear Womens Rain Hats or here for Olney Headwear Sun Hats



Feather Hat Pins Supplier - Jafee et Fils


Based in Devon in a lovely old brushworks factory, Jaffe et FIls source and hand make all of their feather hat pins right here in the UK, ensuring that quality is paramount. They use handcrafting techniques and chemistry to create stunning effects. The feathers are sourced from UK farms who use high levels of animal husbandry. The poultry feathers used are ordinarily treated as waste products and therefore discarded. Throwing these away would really be a waste! We are so glad to have come across this craft business making vibrant and striking feather hat brooches that compliment many of our hats so spectacularly! Make your choice or see what we recommend.

Click here to see Jafee et Fils Feather Hat Pins