April Showers = Rain Hats!

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So here we are in the month of April, known for its April Showers. 

When I sat down to write this blog about April showers, it got me thinking about the phrase and about rain itself.

Just from our collection you can see different hats for different weather, from the light rain hat to the torrential downpour hat. All keeping you dry for appropriate occasions from weddings to dog walking.

Since starting the Rain Hat Collection in 2017 it has made me aware of all the different aspects of the word 'rain'. The weather condition itself has many different words in the English language to describe precipitation!


How Many Ways Are There To Describe Rain?

In the film 'Paddington Bear' it was stated that the Brits have over 100 words to describe a rainy day. Here's just a few:

  1. Raining cats and dogs
  2. Bucketing down
  3. It's spitting
  4. Pelting down
  5. Pouring down
  6. Showers
  7. Lashing it down
  8. Raindrops
  9. Precipitation
  10. Heavens have opened
  11. A Geordie one "hoying it doon"
  12. Nice weather for ducks
  13. Coming down in stair rods
  14. Drizzle

Can you come up with the other 86 words for rain? Comment below for any that you can think of - we're going to put together a comprehensive "Dictionary of Drizzle" for words or phrases to do with inclement weather!


If someone were to ask you to talk about 'rain', what would you say?

It really can throw up a discussion ranging from serious:

Rain is the lifeblood of human existence of life on our planet. Thank goodness for rain. Without it we could not survive.

To lighthearted:

We are quite frequently IN THE rain, in this country!

Since there is so much to write about on rain I  have picked out our teams favourite aspects of the word, which we hope you will learn from and laugh at too!



What Is The Difference Between Showers and Rain?

That's a question that we often get asked, because people want to know the hat that they should chose to protect them from a shower or a total downpour.

Here's where I put on my meteorological rain hat and give you a little science lesson about the weather! The two main differences are duration and the clouds they fall from.

Rain is steady and prolonged and generally comes from stratus clouds. Stratus clouds are non-puffy, like altostratus or nimbostratus. These are your flat overcast clouds.

Showers have a shorter duration than rain. They tend to be quick and come in bursts. Showers come from puffy clouds or cumuliform clouds, like cumulus or cumulonimbus.

Compared to rain, showers cover a smaller area but can be more intense, sometimes know as a "cloudburst"

As there is different "rain" conditions so there are different hats for different weather. For example;  'April showers' -  a rain hat that folds into a bag  is very useful to have. You can quickly whip out your rain hat from it's pouch when the heavens open!



Packable Rain Hat By Proppa Toppa  On Woman Purple Packable Rain Hat By Proppa Toppa


Dressing For The Rain

Of course here at the Rain Hat Collection we love the rain! Our aim is to find the most elegant and unique British made ladies rain hats and practical and chic men's rain hats

What people may not realise is that ALL of our rain hats are crushable and packable - there's no need to be precious with them as they bounce back into shape whatever you do to them! This means that in a sudden burst of April showers, hey presto your rain hat can be whipped out of your bag, keeping you dry and looking stylish. They are all British made by some very creative and talented milliners. Above all they are waterproof.


Olney Headwear Wax Spey Olive Men's Rain Hat



We love hearing how our customers take such delight in wearing their rain hats. THANK YOU THANK YOU for showing us your appreciation.


Jan H - Wax Spey Rain Hat

"Very happy with my new hat, wearing it all the time. Folds up in a handbag and returns back to its original shape when needed. Well made, looks great, waterproof and perfect in every way"


Mrs S. Henderson - Elizabeth Rain Hat

"Chic hat. Can't wait for the rain"


Mrs H - Chloe Rain Hat

"I actually smiled today when I saw it was raining outside as running some errands was no problem at all"



JoJo Hats Chloe Black Wax Ladies Rain Hat


Embrace April Showers - Enjoy And Celebrate It! 

As the expression goes: April showers brings May flowers (and rain hats!)

As we say here, if you dress for the rain you'll appreciate it rather than resent it.

Don't forget to leave your rainy words or sayings in the comments below. We can't wait to hear what you've got.


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Please take a look at our large selection of stylish and practical rain hats and revel in the rain!


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