A Stylish Rain Hat - Does It Exist?

A Stylish Rain Hat - Does It Exist?



When you think "rain hats" you probably conjure an image of a cheap plastic hat, something similar to a shower cap! On NO, please don't!

Our mission at the Rain Hat Collection is to change the perception that a rain hat has to be something you only put on out of necessity!

At the Rain Hat Collection we have looked far and wide to find rain hats which work well to fulfil their function of keeping you dry, but are equally stylish too.


Our customers tell us that they actually look forward to rainy days!

 Ladies tweed rain hat with bow on the side



So here is a rundown of our top 4 best selling stylish rain hats for big occasions like weddings, sports days and any event you want to dress up for. All of the hats featured here can be seen on our Stylish Rain Hats collection page


When The Weather Forecast Says Rain And You Have A Big Occasion!

Imagine you receive an invitation to a wedding or some other glamorous event. The date draws closer, you need a hat and the weather is looking decisively precarious. The weather forecast fluctuates between sunshine, to showers to heavy rain.

Great, welcome to the British weather!

With our hats not only do they look glamorous but they have the added benefit of being waterproof too. You can now look gorgeous in a stylish hat that will keep you dry and which compliments your outfit.

You can breathe a sigh of relief!

In fact no one will know you are wearing a rain hat unless you tell them!

Take a look at the Hannah rain hat – exquisitely beautiful, with the feathers and jewel. It is waterproof including the feathers (otherwise think of all the poor birds!) and the jewel will not come to any harm in the rain!



Or what about our Darcy wax rain hat – it oozes magnificence. The shape and style is so haute couture not hot shower! Guaranteed to make you feel like a million dollars!



Stylish Rain Hats For ANY Occasion

Now picture yourself going for a walk or popping out to the shops. The sun is shining with a few suspicious clouds on the horizon. Gradually you start feeling the pitter patter of rain drops which turns into heavy drops of rain.

Oh good grief what to do!

Not to worry in your pocket or bag, alongside your keys and mobile you have your stylish rain hat. All our hats are crushable and packable, so no need to be precious with them, as they all bounce back into shape even after being squashed in a bag.

Take a look at the Nola wax rain hat. Beautifully made, understated simplicity, a great all year round hat. 




Or if you are looking for a WOW factor then you need the Francis rain hat. Chic, gorgeous and comes in it’s own pouch. Very handy to have.                                                        


All of our collections provide you with convenient, practical headwear that keeps you dry but hopefully we've proven that STYLISH RAIN HATS do exist!


Click here to see the whole range of our glamorous and stylish rain hats


Hear what some of our customers have to say:

'Who knew a rain hat could look so stylish' (Olivia rain hat)

'I'm not embarrassed to wear a rain hat anymore' (Annabel rain hat)



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