Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Me wearing the Nola rain hat handmade by milliners Peak & Brim Hats.  


Well well well, what a strange world we are living in. I would never have imagined only three weeks ago as I was busy organising social get togethers and work appointments, that I would be so restricted in my everyday life.

As we are a family online business, luckily we can operate as normal within the latest government restrictions. We are able to take your orders, pack your hats, take them to our post office in our local village shop in Bentley and at the same time get provisions for neighbours and ourselves.

The good news too is that my family are all home. My eldest son is back and so can be more on hand when I get stuck with I.T queries (poor boy). My other son is rejoicing in the fact that A’levels exams have been cancelled. To pass the time I thought that I could make him chief rain hat packer! I would hate for him to get bored!! My husband continues to be a great part of the business, so all in all, hopefully we will rub along nicely (I say only being day 3 of isolation!)

Yesterday I spoke to the talented Jacquie of JoJo Hats, one of our fabulous milliners. We had a lovely long chat and I was sad to hear that much of her business has stopped as she mainly attends fairs, which of course have been cancelled. This made me think that many of my milliners who supply me with their beautiful rain hats will be in the same boat. So I am going to do my best to sell more rain hats and give them more orders. The great thing about buying British made hats is that they are literally being made here in the UK, so there is no problem with supplies from overseas. Many of the hats are even handmade by independent hatmakers, so they are sitting at their machines raring to go.

 JoJo Hats lady sewing rain hats

 Jacqui of JoJo Hats busy making rain hats in her workshop


Ultimately the most important thing in this crisis is that we support each other, in whatever way we can, our work collegues, neighbours, friends, family and strangers (the latter becoming more prominent as people let down their guard and show compassion and empathy)

I hope that you are all well and have enough support. For those of you who are on their own I am more than happy for you to call me and have a chat. I really do love to talk and it doesn’t have to be about rain hats or the weather!  My number is 07931 528466. And if you really want to talk for hours, I can pass you onto my mother in law who chats for England!!!


Wishing you all the best, keep safe and enjoy the slower pace of life


Katrine Orr

 Support each other

Support small businesses

Support British made





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