Christmas Gift Card

Christmas Gift Card

We are delighted to announce that we are now selling E Gift cards. 


There are two main reasons for selling E Gift cards:

 Reason 1

It's that time of year when the Christmas gift list has a few names ticked off but there's always a few where you are wondering what to get and whether or not they will like what you are thinking of buying them.

We believe that we have such a range of hats in different designs and colours that there will be something for everyone - niece, aunt, mum, uncle, grandad.....

Mum may need a stylish reliable waterproof hat for dog walking, brother my want a baseball hat for standing on the side line watching his kids matches, uncle may want one for fishing and Aunty Julie has a hat in every colour except for tangerine! 

By giving them a gift card they can peruse our large selection of waterproof hats at their own leisure and choose the perfect one to suit their needs and their outfits.


Reason 2

Help. You have run out of time!

You can order an E Gift card right up to the last minute. Once you have paid for the gift card you will receive an email with the E Gift card details which you can forward to your loved one instantly. Phew panic over.

We hope that we can ease your Christmas shopping with these E Gift cards. And rest assured that the recipients will get our full and undivided attention if they need any help in choosing a hat, either by emailing or calling us. 


And finally thank you to all our lovely customers. Being a family business, unlike large corporations we always do a little 'jig' when we make a sale!

Happy Christmas everyone

Katrine x


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