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10 Best Waterproof Rain Hats

Katrine Orr

Posted on February 26 2020

10 Best Waterproof Rain Hats


The rain clouds are looming and you may be just about to set off on your daily dog walk, heading off to the golf course, going to a glamorous outdoor event, or a million and one other possible outings where rain could disrupt proceedings!

At the Rain Hat Collection we have the fabulous job of choosing the best rain hats to sell. We base are choice on a number of factors. Firstly we want to keep you dry -ultimately that is what we are about. Unlike thousands of other hat sellers, we specialise in waterproof hats. Secondly our rain hats need to be stylish. And what we want to tell the world is that rain hats can be glamorous. Forget the image of rain hats being cheap plastic hats, or something that would look best on a scarecrow! In fact with most of our hats you wouldn't even know that they are rain hats. Thirdly, all of our rain hats are made in Britain and some are even handmade, demonstrating millinery at its finest.

It was hard to come up with the top 10 best rain hats - we have chosen them on a variety of factors being customer reviews, sales and uniqueness. 

So drum roll please!  Here are the top 10 best rain hats:



This hat can be dressed up or down. It is a robust wide brimmed waxed hat with fleece lining keeping you warm as well as dry. One size fits all. It comes in brown, black, navy & olive


"So easy to wear and totally waterproof! Just love wearing it, makes me feel a million dollars on my dog walks." Catherine

"This is my first purchase and I could not be happier. This hat is so chic; I love the wide brim and cozy lining. Happily I get to wear it today, as it’s pouring!" Drea Besch



This waxed hat is such an easy hat to wear. It really is very versatile. It has adjustable sizing to give you the perfect fit, so can be tightened on windy days. It can be scrunched up, put in a bag and when needed it bounces back into shape. The Nola rain hat comes in black, navy, brown and green. There's bound to be one that goes with your raincoat


"Lost my first one so had to buy another one - says it all really! "Jennifer Ferriday

"This is my second purchase of a Nola rain hat. I already had one in navy blue and love it so much that I wanted one in black too. They are smart, very practical and I love that they are adjustable so it fits all sizes of head!" Rachel



This is a delightful rain hat that is handmade in Devon. The attention to detail can be seen with the colourful brim and matching flower. Made from waxed cotton this hat will keep you dry in the heaviest of downpours. This hat comes in brown & oatmeal and black & purple


"I absolutely love my new hat. The quality is excellent and it is so stylish. It makes me feel happy whenever I wear it. Thank you so much." Janet Carlin

"I bought this hat to replace the one I left somewhere while away on holiday in the summer. I've been lost without it, so delighted to have my new one which is every bit as well made, stylish and waterproof as before." Averil Simmons




This is a fabulous baker boy style hat with the added bonus of being waterproof. It has fleece lining to keep you comfy and warm. One size fits all. A joy to wear. 


"Loving this hat, the material the style the colour - all great." Alex Irving

"I’ve struggled buying hats as they make my glasses stick into my head, but not with this hat. Very comfy, yet stays on when windy.." Mish




This is a foldable rain hat, perfect for taking on holiday in case of rain. This waterproof hat has a lining into which the hat can be packed into to form a pouch which in turn can easily be stored in a pocket or bag. One size fits all as it has an adjustable toggle that can be tightened if needs be. It comes in black, navy, green, red, purple & pink


"Only had to wear it once so far but that was in torrential rain, where it more than served its purpose, I'm very pleased with it!"  G Campbell

"Really pleased. Have been trying to get one for ages. Folds away so small, are brilliant in your handbag or pocket. Fantastic invention." Pam Woodhead



A super winter rain hat, you will enjoy the rain and cold in this hat! Made from waxed cotton it has fleece lining and a faux fur trim. One size fits all. It comes in brown and black


"I am now ready for the rain; the icy blasts with sleet and hail and snow that winter, living so near to the west coast, can deliver!" Suzie Marshall-Keld

"Super stylish warm rain hat. Given as a gift and she loves it , I think it will be hard to get if off her even if it’s not cold or rainy :-) " Jane Pether



A tweed hat that is waterproof too. This hat has been handmade in the UK and demonstrates quality millinery. It has adjustable sizing giving you the perfect fit. An elegant and high performing rain hat


“Great! Practical and beautiful. Carmen Dominguez


 Wax Spey

This is your dependable daily hat, suitable for walking, gardening, golfing, you name it, you can rely on this hat keeping you dry in the next downpour. It has a wide brim that works well protecting you from the rain but equally keeping the sun out of your eyes when it does shine!


 "Great. Just what I wanted" Karen Eustace




If you are looking for a wide brimmed rain hat this is the one for you. Handmade in a tartan wax cotton it has a complimentary tan wide brim making it a very stylish and practical hat. One size fits all as it has adjustable sizing.


"Better than anticipated. For years I have been searching for a rainhat that would fit my head. Lo and behold I found the website. I measured my head, bit the bullet and ordered the hat. When the hat arrived I said a silent prayer and tried it on. Yahoo not only did it fit, but I looked marvelous!!" Melanie Aponte




This is the rain hat we call 'hat in the bag' Such a glamorous rain hat that can be stored in a pouch and when taken out bounces back into shape, looking as stylish as in the video. It comes in a number of beautiful colours, you'll be spoilt for choice. One size fits all as it has adjustable sizing. 


"Great rain hat. Stylish. Happy to wear anywhere in inclement weather!" Suzana Johnson



As you can see we have rain hats in a variety of styles and colours. These are the top 10 best rain hats, but we do have many more rain hats. There really is a rain hat for every woman's taste. Click here to see all women's rain hats

If you would like some help on choosing the perfect hat for you, please do give us a call. We can advise you based on head size, colour of hair and what you need a hat for. We love talking rain hats, so please do not hesitate to call us:

Tel no. 07931 528466


Thank you for your interest in our rain hats. We do hope that we can find you a rain hat that you will treasure and rely on, the next time it rains



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