Women's Waterproof Bucket Hats

Women's Waterproof Bucket Hats



Bucket hats are such lovely hats to wear and we have a selection that are all very different and unique in their own ways. 


Brief History

Just to give you a quick historical background to the bucket hat, they were first conceived in the 1900s as a functional hat to protect Irish farmers and fishermen from the rain. This is because the hat has a wide downward slanting brim. Hence it seems wholly appropriate that we at the Rain Hat Collection should seek out the best bucket hats on the market that will keep you dry in the rain.


British Made

All of our bucket hats have been made in the UK by some very talented milliners demonstrating quality craftsmanship. They have added a sense of style and fun, for instance the Megan hat which has a Union Jack design under brim which can be turned up or down depending on the look you want. Or take a look at Stella with its colourful stripy design. 









Adjustable Sizing

Most of our bucket hats have adjustable sizing giving you a perfect fit. This is also a great feature should you want to tighten the fit of your hat on a windy day. 



The fact that bucket hats are packable was a huge appeal in the 1900s for the farmers and fishermen and continues to be a benefit today. How convenient is it to have a packable rain hat that you can keep in your bag or pocket. The Felicity, Charlotte and Stella rain hats are fabulous as they turns inside their own lining to form a pouch. This is on par to carrying a lightweight reusable folding shopping bag that most of us carry around with us today. Great to have a foldable rain hat on you for those unexpected downpours.


        Charlotte                        Felicity                                       Stella





Of course all of our bucket hats are waterproof. We want to keep you dry as well as looking stylish. 



Hear what some of our customers have to say about their bucket hat purchase:

  • "Very pleased with this hat. Its very well made and fits well. Its nice to find something a bit different to the norm and i love the bright colours and fun design” Melanie (Stella hat)
  • Cheerful colour for winter and summer wear. Good fit and flexible to wear as the brim can be worn several ways.” Christine (Stella hat)
  • "I ordered a pink bucket rain hat and I am delighted with my purchase. The quality of the hat is very good and very well made"  A (Kelly hat)
  • "Wear the Charlotte, rain or shine. Its a miracle! I can now walk the seafront in the wild wind and rain (the adjustable toggle works great). I wear my Charlotte when its not raining also. Buy extra. Your friends will want one." Helen (Charlotte hat)
  • "This is a cute little hat. Lightweight, can be rolled up and put in a pocket. There is a elastic inside with a little toggle clip to make it tighter or looser. Highly recommend!” Debbie (Sophie hat)
  • "A cheerful little rain hat. Makes me smile putting it on. Country colours. Just the ticket for a walk in the rain with my dogs". Alison (Megan hat)
We love the last reviewer's comment "makes me smile putting it on" This is our ultimate aim to make you smile when you put one of our waterproof bucket hats on. We want you to look good, feel good and keep you dry in the rain.

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