Meet Proppa Toppa!

Meet Proppa Toppa!

I have worked with Clare for a number of years and she is a master of her craft creating the most amazing, sassy and practical hats. I am delighted to feature her in our latest blog


Tell us a little about yourself.... 

I am a mum to James, I live and work in Shropshire, a very pretty and rural county.

I trained as a fashion designer originally and went to work in film and costume. I got to make a few hats and found that was my favourite thing to make.


Where does your creative inspiration for your hats come from? 

I get my inspiration from my surroundings in pretty Shropshire. I adore nature.


 What are your career highlights? 

My career highlight was asked to make hats for Downton Abbey at Home. The producers were continually being contacted by the public asking where they could buy things from the programme and they launched an official catalogue and we were asked to do the hats of course!

Downton Abbey cast with hats on


Describe a typical day..

There is no such thing as a typical day at Proppa Toppa, I can be talking with customers, designing, packing orders, tackling ever rising paperwork. That is why I love my job because of the variety.


What do you love most about millinery? 

What I love most about millinery is that I can get to be really creative with textiles and bright colours, a bit more than you would with clothing. Almost like a piece of wearable art.


What would you advise people to look for in a hat to get the perfect one? 

I tell my customers that it’s no good if they will buy a hat and feel unconfident wearing it. A lot of women say that hats don’t suit them but there is always a hat to suit every face shape and it’s so important to try a lot of different styles on so they feel confident wearing it every day.


Any funny hat stories to tell? 

A funny story- My family and I were sitting having breakfast in a hotel in the Carribean and a couple walked in and sat on the table next to us and the lady popped her sunhat on the arm of her chair and I instantly recognised the high quality and stitching, of course it was a Proppa Toppa!


What's been good about the lockdown? 

Lockdown gave me the freedom to spend time in my garden, planting a veg and flower seeds, home cooking and spending time with my family.


Do you have a motto?

My motto has always been to jump and the net will appear.


If you could give your younger self advice what would it be? 

Be Braver


What do you love most about the rain? 

That I don’t have to water the garden!


Thank you Clare!


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