Thank You

Thank You


When I was deliberating as to what to write for this months blog a few ideas came to mind but the over riding feeling is of thanks to our customers. I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all you lovely customers who have bought from us during this COVID period and the driest May since records began! Talk about double whammy for us. However, we have had a high customer returning rate for the month of May which is fantastic. So THANK YOU to all those customers who came back to us and bought more despite there not being a rain cloud in sight. Your support means a lot to us and to all the milliners that we represent. And thank you to all those who discovered us, we hope we will see you again soon and will be appreciated even more the next time it rains!



Whilst on the London Underground some time ago now, I saw an advert for  Tunnock's chocolate marshamallow teacakes (do you remember them?). Their strapline was "teacakes not just for teatime" and I thought brilliant, my business is just the same "rain hats not just for the rain". Our hats are waterproof, ideal for the rain BUT are just as lovely and stylish even if its not raining. So there you go, if you haven't bought from us yet, do take a look at our hats and see how wonderfully they would accessories your outfits. It's a quick and easy way to change your look without buying a whole new wardrobe. And of course they will keep you dry when the rain returns which it inevitably will, after all we are living in the UK!

Click here to see our hats that are suitable for the summer come rain or shine 


So thank you from myself and my family, we really do appreciate your support and I know that I can extend that thanks from all our milliners who are busy continuing to make our hats in the UK. 

We will survive, grow and appreciate both working life and family time even more as a consequence of the last few weeks.

Thank you and keep safe

Katrine x







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