Foldable Rain Hats

Foldable Rain Hats


It's that time of year again - April showers, and yet for the first three weeks of April this year we have had the most amazing beautiful weather - clear blue skies and lots of sunshine. Since it has coincided with lockdown, the weather has been well and truly noted. For those fortunate enough to have a garden or have easy access to wide open spaces, the weather has been appreciated. Hat sales have steadied, as to be expected. The combination of lockdown shock and good weather has disrupted our normal living patterns and routines. I know it has changed mine - I have never done so much baking and gardening in my life!

Anyway now that rain is forecast and people are getting into a new rhythm of life of sorts, hat sales have well and truly picked up. After all if you want to go for a walk as part of your daily exercise, you don't want to get wet in the pouring rain. Furthermore as my father always says "if you look good you feel good", so why not make the effort and wear a stylish rain hat as you step out into the Spring fresh air, come rain or shine. 


Foldable Rain Hats

The rain hats that I want to highlight for this time of year are the beautiful but ever so practical, foldable rain hats. These hats are a delight as they can be stored in your bag or pocket and whipped out when needed. A bit like those foldable shopping bags most of us carry around with us now.

Milliners Proppa Toppa make some fabulous foldable hats. The Charlotte, Felicity & Stella rain hats have a secret! They fit neatly into their own lining making them small enough to fit into a pocket or bag. A very clever and neat invention. Check out all the beautiful colours in each style.


           Charlotte                       Felicity                               Stella




 Stella Rain Hat



The Francis rain hat comes with its own pouch. When not needed it can be folded into the pouch and be stored away easily. You could never imagine that such a smart looking hat could be folded away so neatly and then bounce back into shape, once taken out of its bag. Choose from 7 different colour combinations. There's bound to be one that suits you.


 Francis in olive & ivory


All of our foldable hats are lightweight, waterproof and have adjustable sizing to give you a perfect fit. A beautiful quality designer rain hat, handmade in Britain by Proppa Toppa. We are proud to be selling their foldable hats and know our customers love them. Just take a look at some of the testimonials below:




Charlotte rain hat

"Really pleased. Have been trying to get one for ages. Fold away so small are brilliant in your handbag or pocket. Fantastic invention." Pam Woodhead

"I am very pleased with the rain hat. Beautifully made, beautiful fit and very stylish". Barbara Sandford

"Colour exactly what I'd hoped - matches my (hood-less) fold-up long mac. Glad of the adjustment, even though I have a large head size." Sylvia


Felicity rain hat

"Great hat." Sue Kent

"Love it." Christine Lawlor


Stella rain hat

"Love this rainhat! It’s pretty and stylish and just what I wanted. As well as looking good and keeping me dry, it can be pushed into a pocket or handbag with ease!" Liz Latham

"Love the colours." Diane Tooley


Of course apart from the foldable rain hats we have other rain hats in a plethora of styles and colours. Please do take a look by clicking on the link below


And remember:

Keep Dry         Look Stylish        Go on Your Daily Walk       Keep Safe










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