Ladies Rain Hats

Olney Headwear Wax Sports Cap Green With Brown Peak On Woman


There's nothing more frustrating and annoying than an unexpected downpour.

Well here at the Rain Hat Collection we feel your pain, it's one of the reasons I started selling rain hats, after being caught in a downpour between my car and the supermarket and all I had was my son’s school bag to hide under. Amazing how some rucksacks are so waterproof, but really not a great solution for keeping dry!

When I got home I started looking for a stylish rain hat, and was surprised at the lack of choice. I saw how many mums on parenting chat forums were asking where to get a rain hat that wasn't frumpy. I also saw many photos of ladies with broken umbrellas and drenched looking hair all looking miserable and looking for an answer. Please tell us in the comments below when you are most likely to need a rain hat - on the golf course, on the school run? Let us know.

So now at the Rain Hat Collection we have a large selection of stylish ladies rain hats suitable for ANY occasion, from stomping across the moors with your dog in the lashing rain to glamorous occasions where the pitter-patter of rain drops could cause complete panic, as it may ruin your whole outfit for the entire day!


Nola Rain Hat Handmade By Peak & Brim Hats



All of our rain hats are British made by some of the most talented milliners in the country. Most of our hats have adjustable sizing or “one size fits all” so you don’t have to worry about which hat size to get. Our beautiful rain hats are worth wearing all the time, and some of our customers use them whatever the weather. They are all crushable, so can be squashed into a bag when not required. It goes without saying that our rain hats are waterproof!  All together your perfect hat – hopefully we’ve saved or even made your day!




See what some of our happy customers have to say about their rain hats which highlight the practical benefits as well as the sheer joy of finding a ladies rain hat, that one can feel and look good in:


“This hat has it all – quality –style & good fit plus it’s waterproof” 

Jeannie 22  - Grace rain hat


Gorgeous hat which has had many admiring comments. Best thing it was made in the UK

Melanie Oxley – Bonnie rain hat


“Great hat. Very practical & folds away in your bag ready for the rain!”

Pauline Bottomley – Olivia rain hat


When Are You Most Likely to Get Caught Out In The Rain?

Let us know in the comments below, as to when you would most likely need a rain hat. Are you a dog walker, do you drop off kids at school, do you play golf, do you go to the races...? We are intrigued to find out. We know we have one customer in America who is a manager of a crematorium who is outside a lot and doesn't want a cumbersome umbrella to deal with! She bought the Jules Union Jack Flag rain hat, which probably helps people smile!


Jules Rain Hat Handmade By Bradleys Tannery


So shop now and choose a ladies rain's hat that you can hold your head up high in, without the embarrassment of wearing a school bag over your head, the next time it rains!


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